About TIF Fund
TIF Fund Management LLC was originally a commodities trading company in 1978 and has evolved into an equities, options and alternative trading company that seeks opportunities wherever they arise. Generating a profit for investors is always been exciting and gratifying.
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Discover the Benefits
of Teamwork, Technology,
Experience, and Skill

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Safe Harbor
of Controlled Risk
Broad Diversity, and
High Liquidity.

TIF Fund
Our Goal: Capital Appreciation

Produce positive return in rising, falling or flat markets, while preserving capital.

Disciplined Investment
and Risk Management

integrated into our daily investment process.

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Under no circumstance should any information presented on this website be construed as an offer to sell, or solicitation of an offer to purchase any securities or other investments. This website does not contain the information that an investor should consider or evaluate to make a potential investment. Offering materials relating to investments in entities managed by Triumph Investment Fund Management (TIF Fund Management,LLC) are not available to the general public.